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Men & Women Differ in Their Investment Strategies

When investing, it is often beneficial to you work with a professional who aligns with your financial values. As female financial advisors, you may wonder if we handle investments differently from a male advisor. While we would enjoy sitting down with you to discuss your investment goals, our experience and our perspective, We thought we would also take this opportunity to present findings regarding the differences between men and women investors. 

Targeted Services 

A study conducted by Spectrem Group, a consulting and research firm, revealed that roughly 30% of the 1,277 high net worth females interviewed across the U.S. desired the hands-on approach when investing their money compared to approximately 40% of the 1,875 high net worth males who participated in the study. Women investors were also less likely than men to:

  • Experience satisfaction and joy from investing money
  • Take risks for larger returns
  • Not desire a guaranteed rate of return on their investment

Further, the study revealed that men are less conservative investors than women. 

Professional Insight 

Another investment area in which men and women differ is seeking a financial professional's insight. In Spectrem Group's study, women were slightly more likely than men to turn to an industry professional for regular consultations and targeted advice.

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