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Pinpointing Differences in LGBTQ Financial Planning

If you are a member of the LGBTQ community, you may wonder if it makes sense to look for financial advisors familiar with your community's unique monetary considerations. While we are financial advisors with experience serving LGBTQ clients, we also want to educate you on the challenges you and the rest of your community face. Hopefully, you'll learn something new.

Balancing Financial Security With Personal Freedom

Despite progress regarding LGBTQ rights, non-heterosexual employees face several risks in the modern workplace:

    • Many workers either witness or experience negative comments toward the queer community.
    • In almost 30 states, queer employees may face termination for their sexuality. 
    • Queer workers do not always feel safe revealing their sexual orientation in the workplace.

    While a job may pay well, LGBTQ employees may experience low job satisfaction, which may lead them to work on an exit strategy with an advisor. 

    Deciding Not To Marry 

    Some members of the LGBTQ community view marriage as a social norm they do not subscribe to. Unwed couples living together must consider income taxes, gift tax liabilities & insurance, and estate planning in ways married couples do not. 

    Living in the City 

    To be close to others in the LGBTQ community, many people often live in urban environments, which comes with a high cost of living. The LGBTQ community needs help from financial professionals who can help them balance the cost of city living with financial security.

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