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Fourth of July Pet Safety

Fourth of July Pet Safety

June 22, 2021

The 4th of July is one of the most exciting holidays of the year, with picnics, fireworks, and plenty of delicious food. Though this beloved occasion is a blast for Americans, our pets might not find the loud noises associated with the day quite as fun.


If your pet is one of many affected by the fireworks displays and firecrackers, follow these tips to keep them safe and content.


Test for the quietest area of your home

Look around your house for a relatively quiet place to keep your pet during the fireworks display. Make sure the spot is large enough for them to feel comfortable in, and that you leave a toy or other distraction to keep them occupied.


If you’re traveling for fireworks, leave the pets at home

Even if you think your pet won’t mind the fireworks show, it’s best to leave them in a safe spot at home. If the loud noises aren’t a bother, the large crowds could make it harder to locate your pet if they accidentally slip out of sight.


Even unlit fireworks can pose a threat to your pet

Always keep pets away from fireworks, used or not. Chemicals in fireworks, like arsenic, are extremely harmful if ingested, and the fireworks might look like an appealing toy to chew on if left out in the open.


Be sure your pet is wearing ID just in case

During a party, it becomes easier to lose track of your pet. In case of emergency, it’s important to ensure your pet is wearing ID so that they can be easily returned to you should they run away.


When all else fails, consult a vet

If you aren’t able to find a quiet spot at home to keep your pet, or are seriously concerned about their anxiety, talk to a veterinarian about other potential ways to help curb their fears.


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