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First Day of School Gifts

First Day of School Gifts

August 01, 2023

The best way to start the school year on the right foot is by showing your child’s teacher how much you appreciate them.

These adorable gifts will get the teacher’s attention for all the right reasons, and show your appreciation for their hard work as an educator.

Highlight of My Year

School supplies can be costly. Set up your child’s teacher with some spare highlighters they’re sure to need all year.

A Tea-riffic Teacher

Tea can be a welcome alternative to coffee on days when your throat is feeling a little hoarse and you’re in need of a little comfort—something teachers know all about.

Back-to-School Shopping

Help your child’s teacher make their classroom the best it can be with a gift card to stock up on supplies and decorations.

Sweet as Candy

Start the school year sweetly with the gift of your child’s teacher’s favorite candy.


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