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Find Your Vacation Match

Find Your Vacation Match

July 01, 2023

It’s difficult to please every person on a vacation. Some people enjoy spending their time at the beach, while others take a trip to historic hot spots.

No matter your interests, there is a place in the US that is guaranteed to give you memories to last a lifetime!

History Buffs

If perusing through an eighteenth-century library or visiting a Civil War reenactment is more your speed, these American sites are teeming with antiquity.

Gettysburg Battlefield, PA

As one of the most important sites of the Civil War, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is famous for its living history programs, which place Civil War historians in costume on the battlefield to showcase what life was like for soldiers and to educate visitors on an aspect of the war often forgotten.

French Quarter, LA

Pay a visit to one of the oldest cities in America, New Orleans, and you’ll get a chance to feel the blend of French, Spanish, Creole, and American cultures that makes the city so iconic. The French Quarter is home to incredible architecture and a busy music and arts scene that is famous for its popular jazz music.

National World War I Museum and Memorial, MO

Delve into the history of the war that forever changed the world with a visit to this memorial and museum in Kansas City, Missouri. As one of the most popular historic sites in all of America, the museum and memorial is dedicated to remembering the war and educating visitors of its impact.

Food Fans

As a connoisseur of cuisine, you know a good meal when you see one and spend more time taking pictures of your plate than your surroundings. Good thing these American cities are known for their booming culinary scenes!

Louisville, KY

Kentucky is known for two things—horse racing and fried chicken—and the latter Louisville does extremely well. There are plenty of up-and-coming restaurants to choose from, and a booming farm-to-table scene means that those looking for something a little lighter than fried chicken won’t be disappointed here, either.

Portland, OR

With highly affordable and diverse cuisine, there is truly something for every palate in this Pacific coast town. Famous restaurants aside, the city is also known for its variety of street foods, bars, and hole-in-the-wall spots that are guaranteed to provide an exceptional dining experience.

Chicago, IL

Forget about deep-dish pizza and pickle-topped hot dogs (though they are just as good as they’ve always been). This Midwestern city is excelling at much more nowadays, with a handful of famous chefs opening high-end joints here featuring food without the big-city cost.


If the thought of jumping out of a plane or diving with exotic animals doesn’t send a shiver down your spine, these adventurous American alcoves might be just the vacation you’re looking for.

Juneau, AK

Alaska isn’t exactly a stone’s throw away for most Americans—but it is certainly worth the trek. With some of the tallest peaks anywhere in the world, diverse wildlife that is next to none, and outdoor activities for all skill levels, like mountain biking and kayaking, this is a bucket-list spot for any adventure-craving traveler.

Zion National Park, UT

The American West isn’t short on tall mountains and sprawling wilderness, but Utah may take the cake as home to the most beautiful canyons and rock formations in the nation. Zion lays claim to a good chunk of these famous sites, like Kolob Canyons, which welcomes thousands of backpackers, campers, and all-around outdoor enthusiasts each year.

Dry Tortugas National Park, FL

One doesn’t need to travel to Australia to take in incredible coral reef formations. This park, located less than one hundred miles west of the Florida Keys, is home to some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving sites on Earth. Hundreds of species of fish and other colorful marine life can be seen here (and easily), as the waters surrounding the park are often crystal clear.


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